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Compute polytopic coordinates with respect to box corners


vertx = polydec(PV)
[C,vertx] = polydec(PV,P)


vertx = polydec(PV) takes an uncertain parameter vector PV taking values ranging in a box, and returns the corners or vertices of the box as columns of the matrix vertx.

[C,vertx] = polydec(PV,P) takes an uncertain parameter vector PV and a value P of the parameter vector PV, and returns the convex decomposition C of P over the set VERTX of box corners:

P = c1*VERTX(:,1) + ... + cn*VERTX(:,n)
cj >=0 ,              c1 + ... + cn = 1

The list vertx of corners can be obtained directly by typing

vertx = polydec(PV)

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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