Class: mlreportgen.dom.Document
Package: mlreportgen.dom

Append HTML file contents to document


documentObjOut = addHTMLFile(documentObj,htmlFilePath)


documentObjOut = addHTMLFile(documentObj,htmlFilePath) appends HTML file contents to a document.

Input Arguments

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Document object to append content to, specified as an mlreportgen.dom.Document object.

HTML file path, specified as a character vector.

Output Arguments

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Document object with HTML file content appended, returned as an mlreportgen.dom.Document object.


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In a text editor, create a file and enter this text:

<!DOCTYPE html>

  <title>My First HTML</title>


<p>This is the <b>first</b> paragraph.</p>

<p>This is the <b>second</b> paragraph</p>


Save the file in the MATLAB® current folder as html_example.html.

Create a Word report.

import mlreportgen.dom.*;
rpt = Document('HTMLReport','docx');     

Append the HTML file content to the document.


Generate the Word report.



By default, the DOM API uses a base font size of 12 points to convert em units to actual font sizes. For example, a font size specified as 2em converts to 24 points. To specify a different base font size, add your content to a report by using an mlreportgen.dom.HTML object. Set the EMBaseFontSize property of the object to the base font size. For example, if you set the EMBaseFontSize property to 14, a font size of 2em converts to 28 points.

Introduced in R2015a