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Page footer in a form-based PDF or Word report


Generates a page footer in a Word or PDF report. A template associated with this component defines its fixed content and format and holes for filling the footer with generated content. You can use this component to generate up to three types of footers per section: one for the first page, one for odd pages, and one for even pages.

You can define your report’s page footers in templates. When you assign a template that defines footers to your report’s Report Form or a Subform component, the Report Generator creates a Page Footer component for each page footer defined in each page layout defined by the template. It appends the page footer components that it creates for a particular template-defined page layout to the page layout component that it generates for that template-defined layout.

In addition to defining page footers in your templates, you can define them directly in the Report Explorer. For example, you can:

  • Create page layout components in the Report Explorer and add footer components to them.

  • Add footers to layouts defined in your templates.

  • Change the templates assigned to footers defined in your report templates.

The Report Generator generates a Template Hole component for each hole defined by a page footer template. Every footer has at least one hole component, a #start# component. You can define additional holes in the template that defines the footer. You can add content to a footer by appending components to the footer holes in your report setup. The Report Generator generates footer content by executing its hole components when it generates the parent page layout. The generated content applies to all pages of the specified footer type. This means that you cannot use the Report Explorer to generate the footer content for specific pages. You can, however, use Word and PDF fields, such as page number fields, in footer templates to generate page numbers and other kinds of content that varies from page to page in a section.

To understand how layouts work, see Define Page Layouts in a Form-Based Report Setup.

Page Footer Options

The options indicate the type of page the footer applies to and the template that defines the footer's form.

  • Page type: The type of page in this page layout that the footer applies to.

    • Default: Footer for odd pages of the section, even pages if you do not specify an even-page footer, and the first page if you do not specify a first-page footer.

    • Even: Footer for even pages of the section.

    • First: Footer for the first page of the section.

  • Template type: Specify the template that defines the footer content.

    • Library: Select Library to select a template from a document part library. When you select this option, the Source Library Options appear.

    • File: Select File to select a template file as the source of the footer content.

    • Page Layout: This option appears if the Page Footer component was based on a footer in the template assigned to a Report Form or Subform component in your report setup.

  • Source Library Options: If you select Library as the template type, you can set these options.

    • Report form library: Template library of the template file assigned to this report setup's Report Form component.

    • Parent subform library: Template library used by the Subform that contains this Footer component. This option appears only if this component is a descendant of a Subform component and the parent subform uses a library as the source of its template.

    • Other library: Template library of a specified template file.

  • Template: If the template type is File, this option specifies the name of the template file that defines the footer associated with this component. If the template type is Library, this option specifies the template file that contains the template library to use as the source for this component's template. This option appears only if you select Library as your template type and Other library as the source of the library.

  • Library template name: Name of a template that resides in the template library used by this component.

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