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Set Component Properties

Edit Component Property Values

Most components have properties that you can set to select optional features. For example, the Text component lets you specify the color of the text that it generates among other properties.

To set component properties:

  1. In the Report Explorer, in the Outline pane, select the component.

    The Properties dialog box for the component appears in the Properties pane.

  2. Use the Properties dialog box to set component properties.

Computed Property Values

During report generation, the Report Generator can compute the values of component properties, using MATLAB® expressions that you specify. This enables dynamic creation of report content. For example, you can use MATLAB expressions to compute the content of Paragraph components and the value of looping components that generate repeated content.

You can use MATLAB expressions to compute the value of any character vector property of a component. To specify a MATLAB expression as a character vector property value, in the Properties dialog box, in the property edit box, enter %<expr>, where expr is a MATLAB expression that evaluates to a character vector.