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Code Generation Summary

Insert version number information, list of generated files, tables summarizing code generation configuration information, and subsystem maps into report


This component reports the following information:

  • Version number information

  • List of generated files

  • Code generation configuration information

  • Subsystem map


  • General information: Includes the following information in the report:

    • Model name and version

    • Simulink® Coder™ version number

    • List of full paths of generated files

  • Configuration settings: Includes tables that list optimization and Simulink Coder target selection and build process Configuration Parameter settings.

  • Subsystem map: Includes in the report a unique mapping between subsystem numbers and subsystem labels in the model.

Traceability Report

Use settings from model: When you select this option, the report uses all of the following configuration settings, as specified in your model. Deselecting this option allows you to turn off one or more of these settings as needed:

  • Eliminated/virtual blocks

  • Traceable Simulink Coder blocks

  • Traceable Stateflow Objects

  • Traceable MATLAB Functions

For more information on these configuration settings, see Model Configuration Parameters: Code Generation Report (Simulink Coder).

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes. Tables and list.