Create truth table template


template =,type)


template =,type) creates a copy of the default TruthTable reporter template specified by type at the location specified by templatePath. To design a custom truth table template for your report, use the copied template as a starting point.

Input Arguments

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Location of the reporter template, specified as a character vector, character array, or template source object.

Format for the output, specified as 'html', 'html-file', 'docx', or 'pdf'. If you specify a template using the templatePath property, the value for type must match the template type.

Output Arguments

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Name of template, returned as the path and file name of the template. The template file name extension is assigned based on the specified output type. For example, for PDF output, the template name has a .pdftx file extension.


Create a Truth Table Template

rpt = Report('My Report','html');

template =
trtable =
trtable.TemplateSrc = template;

Introduced in R2018b