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Stateflow Property

Insert into report table, text, or paragraph with information on selected Stateflow object property


This component inserts a table, text, or paragraph that contains details of the selected Stateflow® object property.

Property to Display

Property name: Specifies the Stateflow property name to display. If the Stateflow object is an annotation, the Display options are ignored. Annotation content is reported as plain text for web (HTML), Acrobat (PDF), and Word Document (rtf) output types or as formatted text for other output types.

Display Options

  • Title: Choose a title to display in the generated report:

    • Automatic: Uses the parameter name as the title.

    • Custom: Specifies a custom title.

    • None: Uses no title.

  • Size limit: Specifies the width of the display in the generated report. Units are in pixels. The size limit for a given table is the hypotenuse of the width and height of the table, sqrt(w^2+h^2). The size limit for text is the number of characters squared. If you exceed the size limit, the variable appears in condensed form.

    Setting a size limit of 0 always displays the variable in long form, regardless of its size.

  • Display as: Specifies a display style from the menu.

    • Auto table/paragraph (default): Displays as a table or paragraph based on the information.

    • Table: Displays as a table.

    • Paragraph: Displays as a text paragraph.

    • Inline text: Displays in line with the surrounding text.

  • Ignore if value is empty: Excludes empty parameters from the generated report.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes. Text, paragraph, or table.