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Test Sequence

Capture Test Sequence block information


This component captures information about Simulink® Test™ Test Sequence blocks. The report includes the test sequence using the tabular series of steps from the Test Sequence block.

Test Sequence Block Section Title

Title to use for the Test Sequence block section:

  • Use Test Sequence name (default): Use the name of the Test Sequence block as the section title.

  • Custom: Specify a custom section title in the text box.

Step Content

Select the step content to include in the report.

  • Include description, action, and transition table (default): Include all the step data in the report, i.e., step descriptions, action statements, transition table, and when condition.

  • Include description only: Include only the description of each step in the report.

  • Include action and transition table only: Include the action statements, transition table, and when condition in the report.

  • None: Do not include the description, action, or transition table in the report.

  • Show requirements: Include links to requirements that are attached to steps in the Test Sequence block.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes. Test Sequence block name or specified title and optional step information.