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Create Virtual Connections Using Connection Label Block

This example shows how to use a Connection Label block to create a virtual connection between two conserving ports.

System Architecture

The Connection Label blocks in this example connect RF and local oscillator (LO) signals to the 7.5 dB Circuit Envelope Mixer block. To enumerate constant inputs and carrier frequencies in input frequencies, supply one Watt 803 MHz and 805 MHz RF signals through the Inport block by setting the Carrier frequencies parameter to [803 805] MHz. Use a Continuous Source block to generate a local oscillator (LO) signal. Translate the Outport block output from sqrt(power) to (power)dB.

System Analysis

Available gain of RF signals at 3 MHz and 5 MHz is 7.5 dB. To increase the speed of this simulation, set the Configuration block Fundamental tones and Harmonic order parameters to [800 1] MHz and [1 5], respectively.