db_0132: Transitions in flow charts

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db_0132: Transitions in flow charts


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The following rules apply to transitions in flow charts:

  • Conditions are drawn on the horizontal.

  • Actions are drawn on the vertical.

  • Loop constructs are intentional exceptions to this rule.

  • Transitions have a condition, a condition action, or an empty transition.

Transition with Condition

Transition with Condition Action

Empty Transition

Transition actions are not used in flow charts. Transition actions are only valid when used in transitions between states in a state machine, otherwise they are not activated because of the inherent dependency on a valid state to state transition to activate them.

Transition Action

At every junction, except for the last junction of a flow diagram, exactly one unconditional transition begins. Every decision point (junction) must have a default path.

Transitions with Comments


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Model Advisor Check

By Task > Modeling Standards for MAAB > Stateflow > Check transition orientations in flow charts

For check details, see Check transition orientations in flow charts (Simulink Check).

Introduced in R2010a