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Load Signal Data That Uses Units

Signal data logged in a previous simulation using signal logging or the To File or To Workspace block can include units information for Dataset or Timeseries logging formats.

Logging top-level model Outport block data from a previous simulation contains units information if:

  • These Data Import/Export configuration parameter settings:

    • Output is enabled.

    • Format is Dataset.

  • For the Outport blocks that you log, in the Block Parameters dialog box, you set the Unit parameter.

Otherwise, to include units in signal data that you load, for the Units property of the MATLAB® timeseries objects that you want to load, specify a Simulink.SimulationData.Unit object.

Loading Bus Signals That Have Units

When you input a bus signal to a root-level Inport or Outport block, or you use a From File or From Workspace block, the output data type of the block must be a bus object. When you load the data from these blocks, the units in loaded data must match the units specified for the bus elements in the bus object. If the units for the loaded data do not match the units for a bus element in the bus object, Simulink® uses the units specified in the bus object.

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