Modify Sample Times for Nonvirtual Buses

Unlike virtual buses, which can combine signals that have different sample times, all of the signals in a nonvirtual bus must have the same sample time.

To group signals with different sample times in a nonvirtual bus, make the sample times of the input signals the same by inserting Rate Transition blocks.

Suppose a model creates a nonvirtual bus using a Bus Creator block. To standardize the sample time of the input signals, the model uses three Rate Transition blocks before the Bus Creator block.

Suppose another model converts a virtual bus to a nonvirtual bus using a root-level Outport block. To standardize the sample time of the elements of the virtual bus, the model uses a single Rate Transition block before the Outport block.

Alternatively, specify the same sample time at each block that generates an element of the bus.


When defining elements of Simulink.Bus objects, use the default SampleTime value, -1, to inherit sample times. For more information, see Simulink.BusElement objects will no longer support the SampleTime property.

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