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Publish object in Model Advisor root


publish(root_obj, check_obj, location)
publish(root_obj, group_obj)
publish(root_obj, fg_obj)


publish(root_obj, check_obj, location) specifies where the Model Advisor places the check in the Model Advisor tree. location is either one of the subfolders in the By Product folder, or the name of a new subfolder to put in the By Product folder. Use a pipe-delimited character vector to indicate multiple subfolders. For example, to add a check to the Simulink Check > Modeling Standards folder, use the following: 'Simulink Check|Modeling Standards'.

publish(root_obj, group_obj) specifies the ModelAdvisor.Group object to publish as a folder in the Model Advisor Task Manager folder.

publish(root_obj, fg_obj) specifies the ModelAdvisor.FactoryGroup object to publish as a subfolder in the By Task folder.


% publish check into By Product > Demo group.
mdladvRoot.publish(rec, 'Demo');