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Assess and Verify Model Quality

With the Simulink® Check™ product, you can use industry-recognized checks and metrics that identify standard and guideline violations. Supported high-integrity software development standards include the DO-178, ISO 26262, IEC 61508, IEC 62304, ISO 25119, and MathWorks Advisory Board (MAB) style guidelines. Use edit-time checking, to identify compliance issues as you develop your model. And, when you are done editing, to assess whether your model complies with size, architecture, and compliance requirements, run the Metrics Dashboard. The Metrics Dashboard contains widgets that visualize the metric data. To obtain detailed results, drill in to the data.

From the Metrics Dashboard, you can fix compliance issues by launching the Model Advisor. To determine whether you can automatically refactor a model to increase component reuse, launch the Clone Detector.

Functions and classes are available for customizing the Metrics Dashboard and Model Advisor. For example, you can write your custom checks and use the Model Advisor Configuration editor to create a custom configuration. Use the Metrics Dashboard functions and classes to configure the compliance metric widgets to point to the custom configuration.

In this tutorial, you will learn to:

  1. Address Model Advisor compliance issues.

  2. Run the Metrics Dashboard to obtain and analyze metric data.

  3. Address MAB and High Integrity check violations from the Metrics Dashboard.

  4. Refactor a model to improve component reuse by launching the Clone Detector app from the Metrics Dashboard.

At the end of the tutorial, there are links to topics that provide more information.

To start the tutorial, see Detect and Fix Model Advisor Check Violations.