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Software Components

Simulink® Desktop Real-Time™ is a self-targeting rapid prototyping system where the host and the target computer are the same computer.

MATLAB Environment

The MATLAB® environment provides the design and data analysis tools that you use when creating and testing Simulink models. In particular, see:

Simulink Software

Simulink software provides an environment where you model your physical system and controller as a block diagram. You create the block diagram by using a mouse to connect blocks and a keyboard to edit block parameters. You can use Simulink Desktop Real-Time software with most Simulink blocks, including discrete-time and continuous-time systems. Simulink Coder™ supports C code S-functions.

With Simulink Desktop Real-Time software, you can remove the physical system model and replace it with Simulink Desktop Real-Time I/O driver blocks connected to your sensors and actuators. The Simulink Desktop Real-Time I/O library supports more than 200 boards.


For some boards, the Simulink Desktop Real-Time software does not support some of the board functions. Check the MathWorks® website for an updated list of supported boards and functions at

Simulink Coder Software

The Simulink Coder software provides utilities to convert your Simulink models into C code then compile the code into a real-time executable.


  • Simulink Coder is required for Run in Kernel mode.

  • Compiler support is included as part of the product installation. No additional or external compiler is required.

  • MATLAB Coder is required for Simulink Coder installation.

Simulink Desktop Real-Time software is designed for maximum flexibility during rapid prototyping. This flexibility allows parameter tuning and signal tracing during a real-time run, but increases the size of the generated code. Simulink Coder code generation software provides other code formats that generate more compact code for embedded applications.

Known Limitations

  • In Run in Kernel mode, the Simulink Desktop Real-Time software does not support the following:

    • Blocks that do not support code generation

    • To File blocks

  • Limitations with Simulink Coder code generation software:

    • In Run in Kernel mode, MATLAB S-functions have limited support. See Execute Real-Time Application with S-Functions in Run in Kernel Mode.

    • When you use a continuous-time system and generate code for Run in Kernel mode execution with Simulink Coder code generation software, you must use a fixed-step integration algorithm.

    • The Simulink Coder product provides an API for the MATLAB Parallel Server™ or Parallel Computing Toolbox™ products to perform parallel builds that reduce build time for referenced models. This API does not support parallel builds for models whose system target file parameter is set to sldrt.tlc or sldrtert.tlc. You cannot perform parallel builds for Simulink Desktop Real-Time.

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