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Troubleshoot Signal Data Logging from Inport in Referenced Model in Test Harness

I created a Simulink® Test™ test harness for my Simulink Real-Time™ model. The model has a referenced model that contains an inport whose signal I have marked for data logging in the Simulation Data Inspector. During testing, I see this error:

Warning: Streaming to the SDI is not available for signal at
<sldiag objui="outport" objparam="1"
objname="{'Example_Harness1/Example', 'Example/Input'}">output
port 1</sldiag> of block '{'Example_Harness1/Example',
'Example/Input'}'. Add a SignalCopy block at that port and
instrument the SignalCopy output port.

What This Issue Means

It is not possible to stream signal data from the referenced model inport for logging from within the test harness.

Try This Workaround

Mark the input signals to the model block for logging. This model provides an example workaround. For more information, see the Simulink Test documentation.

You can use these model workaround for signal data logging.

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