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OSLC service provider user interface dialog

Since R2021a


    The oslc.core.Dialog objects represent user interface dialogs from an Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) service provider. After creating and configuring an oslc.Client object, query the service provider for available user interface dialogs by using the getDialog object function.


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    User interface dialog URL, returned as a character array.

    User interface width in pixels, specified as a character array.

    User interface height in pixels, specified as a character array.

    User interface dialog title, returned as a character array.

    Resource type to select or create in user interface dialog, specified as a cell array.

    Object Functions

    viewView OSLC dialog in system browser


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    This example shows how to get and view an OSLC user interface dialog for a configured OSLC client.

    After you have created and configured an OSLC client as described in Create and Configure an OSLC Client for the Requirements Management Domain, get the available user interface dialogs in the requirements management domain of the client myClient.

    dialogs = getDialog(myClient)
    dialogs = 
      1×4 Dialog array with properties:

    Examine the properties of one of the dialogs. From the title, determine the resource type and if the dialog is for creating or selecting resources.

    myDialog = dialogs(1);
    title = myDialog.title
    title =
        'Requirement Creation'

    Open the dialog in a browser.


    Version History

    Introduced in R2021a