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Vehicle Dynamics - Car with Heave and Roll

This example models vehicle dynamics using a vehicle model that has 14 degrees of freedom. The driver inputs can be configured as you select one of the maneuvers.

The vehicle model includes a six degree-of-freedom body model, two axles each with heave and roll degrees of freedom, and four wheels that rotate. The front wheels are steered using the Ackermann steering equation. Many of the vehicle parameters can be modified using MATLAB.

The tire model is the Magic Formula Tire Force and Torque block from Simscape Multibody. You can plot the forces and torques at the contact patch from the simulation results.

Explore the Simscape Vehicle Templates for more customizable models of battery-electric vehicles, hybrid-electric, and multi-axle vehicles.

Acknowledgements: MathWorks would like to thank M V Krishna Teja, PhD, Virtual Proving Ground and Simulation Lab, Raghupati Singhania Centre of Excellence at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras for contributions to this example, including the tire parameters.

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