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Downloading PX4 Source Code as a Standalone in Windows


This section explains how to download PX4® Firmware v1.14 as a standalone task. This will only be required if you have not cloned PX4 Firmware as part of Cygwin™ Toolchain installation process as described in the link Setting Up Cygwin Toolchain and Downloading PX4 Source Code.

UAV Toolbox Support Package for PX4 Autopilots requires installation of a development environment. This development environment is used to build firmware for all the Pixhawk® Series flight controller boards.

Download PX4 Source Code from GitHub

To download the PX4 source code (PX4 Autopilot Firmware v1.14) on a Windows® host computer:

  1. Ensure that you have installed Cygwin Toolchain in Windows computer as discussed in the link Setting Up Cygwin Toolchain and Downloading PX4 Source Code.

  2. Navigate to the installed Cygwin Toolchain directory in your PC.

  3. Launch the batch file run-console.bat. This opens the Cygwin console.

  4. From the Cygwin console, navigate to the location in your PC where you would like to clone the PX4 Firmware.

  5. Create a directory named mypx4 in the system.

    For example:

    • mkdir mypx4

      cd mypx4


    Ensure that your PC is connected to an active internet connection before proceeding with the next step.

  6. Go to the newly created px4 directory, and run the following commands one-by-one (you may need to wait for a command execution to complete before entering the next command):

    1. git clone Firmware

    2. cd Firmware

    3. git checkout v1.14

    4. git submodule update --init --recursive

    The download may take several minutes to complete (depending on the internet speed).