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Click Diagnostics or Manage Apps on the web apps home page to get information about each web app.

In the MATLAB® Web App Server™ product, if you are using role-based access, you see the following buttons:

  • If your designated role is Author, you see a Manage Apps link.

  • If your designated role is User, you see a Diagnostics link.

When you click Diagnostics or Manage Apps, you see a page with all the web apps deployed to the server along with their status. The various statuses are:

  • OK—The web app is available to run.

  • Corrupt CTF—The deployed web app archive file cannot be read.

  • Required Runtime Unavailable—The web app uses a different version of MATLAB Runtime than the one on the server.

  • Not a Web App—The deployed .ctf file is not a web apps .ctf file.

  • Server is unable to access the web app—The deployed web app cannot be accessed due to incorrect permissions on the .ctf file.

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