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Splitting an excel file using matlab

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I have a 900,000 row excel file that I want to split to 900 files. I am wondering if i can do this with matlab. the content is a single column with strings like :US000305AA00. Kindly advise otherwise i have to do it manually which is very time consuming.

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Rick Rosson
Rick Rosson on 18 Jul 2011
Yes, you can do this task with MATLAB. Please try the following:
inputFile = 'myfile';
A = xlsread([ inputFile '.xlsx' ]);
M = 1000;
N = 900;
for k = 0:N-1
outputFile = [ inputFile num2str(k+1,'%03i') '.xlsx' ];
I have tested this code for M = 20 and N = 10, and it works just fine. I suspect, however, that it will take a long time to run for a file containing 900,000 numbers.
joseph Frank
joseph Frank on 18 Jul 2011
I imported the file manually using the import wizard and it is working well. Thanks Rick but still I can't figure out why A was empty given that my xlsx file name was ISIN.xlsx

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Jul 2011
Is the file .csv format or .xls or .xlsx format?
Does the header of the file need to be repeated for each new file?
Is the output fixed at 900 files, or is it fixed at 1000 rows per file?
Probably you probably do not need a lot more than this FAQ
but if your file does happen to be .csv and you do not need to repeat the header line there might be easier alternatives (especially if you are using MacOS or Linux)
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joseph Frank
joseph Frank on 18 Jul 2011
the file is .xlsx format without headers. Each file should contain 1000 in total I should have 900 files.

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