Counting how many times a loop loops.

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This is my code I want the user to enter a number they beleive the loop will run for until the running sum of integers is 21.
% Input Varibles
g = input('guess how many times');
% Constant Varibles
n = randi ([1, 11]);
max_21 = 21;
% Calculate Running Sum.
for a=n
sum = sum + a;
if sum>21
disp (sum)
else sum = sum + a;
What I want it to do is loop throgh the random integers and create a running sum. When the sum exceeds 21 I want it to stop. I need to calculate how many times it loops. Then I want to compare the ammount of loops to the inputed guess. Thinking about it now I may need a while loop. Could someone help me out im stuck.

Accepted Answer

Chandrasekhar on 26 Mar 2014
Edited: Chandrasekhar on 26 Mar 2014
Check the code below.
% Input Varibles
g = input('guess how many times');
% Calculate Running Sum.
loopcnt = 0;
sum = 0;
while(sum <=21)
n = randi ([1, 11]);
sum = sum + n;
loopcnt = loopcnt + 1;
disp (sum);
disp(['number of loops: ' num2str(loopcnt)]);

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