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Giuseppe on 19 Jun 2014
Commented: Giuseppe on 19 Jun 2014
Hi I have been told you can convert any for loop to a while loop. If so I don't see how you could convert the following to a while loop?
for i = 1:5
disp(10 * i);

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 19 Jun 2014
I'm not sure why a while loop would be better in this case (because it adds a couple of more lines of code) but here is the while equivalent to the above for loop
k = 1;
while k<=5
Note that with this code, we have to manage the initialization of k, the incrementing of k and ensure that the condition has been set correctly.
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Giuseppe on 19 Jun 2014
Thanks I know it would not be better although I just wanted so see how the code could be written another way.

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