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Modification in the terms of pdepe function

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Aditya Banerji
Aditya Banerji el 19 de Jun. de 2014
I am coding a food model using the pdepe function to solve a coupled differential equation. The details of the question is available in this link if you would want to have a look at it.
MY QUESTION- In the attachment I have enclosed the pdefun and bcfun functions I am using. As you see, in the pdfun function the properties cp and k are calculated using u(1) and u(2), my two variables at each nodal points. My question is that I want to use instead of u(2) at every node, only the value at the end point, say x=H, where range of x is from 0 to H. Could any one tell me how such situation can be taken care of.
If there is any queries or doubt regarding the question to reply.
Thank you

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