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Plotting 4D function

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raha ahmadi
raha ahmadi on 23 Aug 2021
Commented: raha ahmadi on 23 Aug 2021
Hi, I exported temperature vs cordinates(x,y,z) from COMSOL. I dont want to use LiveLink. I was wondering is there any method to plot this 4D data? I read the other pages about 4D visualisaton and try surf3 and scatter3 but I couldnt reach this picture.(This picture has been plotted by COMSOL ) . I attached the data and the picture.
I really appreciate any help

Accepted Answer

Wan Ji
Wan Ji on 23 Aug 2021
In the finite element analysis, you have the coordinates of nodes and elements for node order. Also, to each node, the attached field variables such as displacement, temperature, velocity, moisture, electric intensity and so forth are the 4th dimension to be expressed by colors. It is convenient to use patch for depicting field variables.
For example,
gm = multicuboid(2,1,1);
model = createpde;
model.Geometry = gm;
msh = generateMesh(model,'GeometricOrder','quadratic','hmax',0.2);
element = msh.Elements';
element = element(:,[1,5,2,9,4,8, 2,6,3,10,4,9, 1,7,3,6,2,5, 1,8,4,10,3,7])';
element = reshape(element, 6, numel(element)/6)';
node = msh.Nodes';
patch('vertices', node, 'faces', element, 'facevertexcdata', ...
node(:,3), 'facecolor', 'interp','facealpha',1); % node(:,3) as color map data
axis equal
axis off
If you are interested in postprocessing, you can see some of my exchange file:
femPatch or solidPath are for postprocessing
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raha ahmadi
raha ahmadi on 23 Aug 2021
Dear Wan Ji
very thanks for your help. It's very helpful. also thanks for introducing your files.
I hope you the best

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