How to plot individual scale for plots?

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Vishnuvardhan Naidu Tanga
Vishnuvardhan Naidu Tanga on 21 Sep 2021
Hello everyone,
Is it possible to set individual scale to each data plot plotted in the graph? I am trying to do that. And how can i change the length and width of the plot? I am attaching the data and the reference image here. Please kindly help me in doing that.
My code is a s follows:
Z = readtable('Atq100.xlsx') ;
data = table2array(Z) ;
plot(data(:,2)+10, data(:,1));
hold on
plot(data(:,4)+250, data(:,3));
hold on
plot(data(:,6)+500, data(:,5));
hold on
plot(data(:,8)+1000, data(:,7));
hold on
plot(data(:,10)+1500, data(:,9));
hold off
legend('x=10', 'x=250', 'x=500', 'x=1000', 'x=1500', 'Location', 'northeastoutside');
title('Velocity q = 100')

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