How can I reduce the number of columns without losing the data quality

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I have an LSTM code, the YTrain and XTrain have different number of Columns, how can I reduce the number of columns of YTrain to match the number of Columns of XTrain without losing the data quality?
James Muwanguzi
James Muwanguzi on 11 Oct 2021
This is my full code. I need to adjust the size of the YTrain to match that of XTrain or either way round because the X-axis of the Ytrain has more steps than the X-axis of the Xtrain although they both have the same end magnitude.
I was thinking about interp1 function although am not sure which suits me best.

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Answers (1)

Shivam Singh
Shivam Singh on 12 Oct 2021
Hello James,
You can downsample your datapoints of YTrain using downsample function.

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