Could I use a dynamic character or string in a for loop to call a variable with different name?

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I couldn't figure out the best way to ask this question so apology for the confusing title. Let's say I had multiple variables with different name called var1,var2,var3... with values in each.
Is there a way to access each of the variable in such a way like
for k = 1:10
variable(k) = (variable%d,k)
So that I can access the variables with different names where %d can take on given integer similar to C language? Another way might be if there was a variable called GreenEggs&Ham and I want to access it like
A = 'GreenEggs'
B = 'Ham'
BreakFast = (%s&%s,A,B);
Stephen23 on 11 Mar 2015
Edited: Stephen23 on 11 Mar 2015
Although this answer has already been accepted, avoid using eval and do not create dynamically named variables in MATLAB. This is poor practice as has been explained many times on this forum, and is not recommended by MATLAB themselves:
When you are a beginner it seems like a cunning and fast way to store information, but actually it is really bad practice to name your variables dynamically. MATLAB is also not intended for this kind of variable naming: if you continue to include data in the variable names then you will find yourself fighting many more of these battles against MATLAB.
However when you use more appropriate storage for your data (and meta-data) then you will suddenly find lots of MATLAB functions that do many useful operations for you, quickly and easily.
In your case a much more robust solution would be to use structures , where you can include fields for each kind of data (e.g. Process type, Flow data, Temperature data, Notes, Units, etc), or cell arrays . There are many functions that support working on structures and cell arrays, and can access these data easily, and they can also be used in vectorized code (which is something you need to learn about). And yes, you can even define structure fieldnames dynamically .
Placing your data in a structure or cell array also makes it much easier to pass to functions: can you imagine the fight you would have trying to pass hundreds of dynamically named variables to a function?
If you have a newer version of matlab you can also use a table , which stores the data together in one array but also allows key-name access to the columns. This might be a good alternative for your data.
In case you are interested, here are some pages explaining why dynamically assigning variable names is a really bad idea in MATLAB:

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Accepted Answer

Andrew Reibold
Andrew Reibold on 25 Aug 2014
Edited: Andrew Reibold on 25 Aug 2014
Use eval , Its really easy! Reads a string as a variable.
Here is an example. Using the base 'var', I increment the variable number and get the data from each one.
var1 = 10
var2 = 20
var3 = 50
for i = 1:3
variables(i) = eval(['var',num2str(i)])

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