How to do numerical integration using gauss qudrant as output after every iteration?

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Is there any way to perform numerical integration using gauss of an excel data. I have performed the integration using cumtrapz. But i would like to perform the same integration using gauss qudrant. The code i have used to perform integration using cumtrapz is as follows.
X1 = xlsread('Abb73at100.xlsx','A1:A63');
Y1 = xlsread('Abb73at100.xlsx','B1:B63');
A1 = pi*(X1).^2;
Int1 = cumtrapz(A1, Y1);
X2 = xlsread('Abb73at100.xlsx','A64:A130');
Y2 = xlsread('Abb73at100.xlsx','B64:B130');
A2 = pi*(X2).^2;
Int2 = cumtrapz(A2, Y2);
plot(X1, Int1, 'linewidth', 2);
hold on
plot(X2, Int2, 'linewidth', 2);
hold off
Please kindly help me. Thanks in advance.

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