how to write a loop that finds the best fit value for each given input pair and plot all the resulted points?

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I have t and vl observed data that i plotted first and then find the theoritical points and plot them in the same graph.
To construct the model to find the theoritical values i have to write a code according to following steps.
  1. select a starting pair for t1 and vl1. (in this case t=10 and vl = 3.61).
  2. Calculate A
  3. Calculate B
  4. Calculate A-B
  5. Test abs(A-B); if abs(A-B) < 0.001 stop, then go to 8. if not go to 6
  6. increment vl=vl+0.005
  7. goto 2.
  8. increment t=t+5
  9. goto 1
  10. finally plot each pair for A=B (approximately, within given tolerance)
Below is the draft loop I wrote but i am not sure how to actually make it work. Please help me.
for T=10; % tmax = 90;
for VL=3.61
A = atan((vs2.^2).*D2.*(sqrt(1-(VL.^2/vs2.^2)))./(vs1.^2.)*D1.*(sqrt(1-(VL.^2/vs1.^2))));
B = (((2.*pi.*z)./(VL.*T)).*(sqrt((VL.^2/vs1.^2)-1)));
while abs(A-B)<0.001
while abs(A-B)>=0.001
Anitha Limann
Anitha Limann on 14 Oct 2021
Attached is the given question paper. I am supposed to use a value slightly higher than vs1 and lower than observed vL1.
Please see the attachment.

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Accepted Answer

Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 15 Oct 2021
hello Anitha
so yes there was a small bug in your equations
when you do the computation of A, you fliiped the terms
must be replaced by
that's the reason I got A complex numbers and not reals numbers because the ter under the square root was negative
I am still working on the code ....

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