Calculating the between-column squared correlations

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I want to use the Latin hypercube sample function (lhsdesign). In the examples provided in the documentation the quality of the generated design is measured by calculating the sum of between-column aquared correlations,
rng default % For reproducibility
X= lhsdesign(10,4); % X is a 10-by-4 design matrix.
y= corr(X);
(sum(y(:).^2)-4)/2 % the 4 subtracted to remove the ones on the diagonal of y.
Why was the sum of the squared correlations divided by 2 ?

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Matt J
Matt J on 31 Oct 2021
Edited: Matt J on 31 Oct 2021
I would guess it's account for the symmetry of the y matrix ... so that off-diagonal terms will not be double counted.
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Amin Kassab-Bachi
Amin Kassab-Bachi on 1 Nov 2021
True! I didn't notice at all! Thanks a lot for taking the time.

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