How can I define a derivative and norm function inside an integral in matlab?

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Hello everybody. I would like to define a norm-2 and derivative of a function inside the integral, but I can not. Here is my code:
syms r(t);
r(t)= a.*(t-tt(1)).^3+b.*(t-tt(1)).^2+c.*(t-tt(1))+d;
L=integral( norm(diff(r(t)),2),0,1)

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Matt J
Matt J el 1 de Nov. de 2021
Editada: Matt J el 1 de Nov. de 2021
The norm would just give a scalar independent of t. Its integral from 0 to 1 would be trivial. Perhaps you meant instead to do,
L=sqrt( integral( diff(r(t)).^2 ,0,1) )

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