How do I access the stress, strain and moment variables from the Piezo Bender Simscape Block for use in a Simulink simulation?

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The Piezo Bender Block doesn't appear to have these variables available, though they appear in the documentation and are needed to compute the electrical or displacement outputs. How to I access these variables in Simulink or in Matlab command line for further computation/simulation?
Thank you.

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 29 Nov 2021
Hello Christopher,
To look at more data after the simulaiton, you can use the simscape results explorer. Right click the piezo and turn on logging, and you can look through a lot more data internal to the component.
Log the data:
View the data:
However, this is only useful for getting data after a simulation has completed. Durring the simulation, those variables are not accessible in Simulink. The closest you can get is to place force(and torque)/position sensors on the physical connections of the piezo bender. In general, you can use the simscape probe block to see if there are any variables you have access to, and in some of the other piezo blocks, more is available. I don't know why this block has nothing accessible so I've submitted a feature request to make its variables accessible. However, there is no guarentee that feature will be added or when.
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Christopher Henry
Christopher Henry on 29 Nov 2021
Thank you for the answer. This will help get me going.
While looking and using the post simulation data will work for me this time, I do envision using an internal variable or two for control in the future.
Thank you for submitting this feature request.

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