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Difference between two blocks of images?

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Emmanuel el 23 de Oct. de 2014
Editada: Emmanuel el 23 de Oct. de 2014
How can I extract a block of pixels from an image and subtract it with another block of different image to find minimum disparity? my block size is 8. How do I proceed with this?
iteration = 0;
subsub = zeros(8);
subblock = zeros(8);
x = rgb2gray(imread('testimage.jpg'));
J = imresize(x, 0.7);
x0 = imrotate(J,30);
r = randi(225-7);
c = randi(225-7); //random block of size 8 from original image
subblock = x(r:r+7, c:c+7);
block = size(x0);
k =1; m= 8;
for i =1:8: (block(1)-7)
for j = k:m
submatrix = x0(i,j); // creating a block from second image
for w = 1 : 8
for y = 1:8
diff = (subblock(w,y) - submatrix(w,y))^2; // subtracting two blocks
k = m+1; // to move to the next block
m = m+8;
When I run the code, my submatrix is always zero. Why is that? please help me

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