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How to hadle NAN data of csv file

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Tahir el 3 de Nov. de 2014
Respondida: Chad Greene el 3 de Nov. de 2014
Hi, I read an excel i want to one by one take the x values and y values from that excel file.....The x values are at the first column,and y value are in the second column..and similrly again x value at 3rd column and y value at fourth is the code...but problem is the NAN data in file.
how to skip NAN data of file.i am also attaching the file here. there are 25 files so the loop.
for i=1:25
clear file;
file = xlsread(strcat('TrainingDataset\', num2str(i) , '.csv'));

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene el 3 de Nov. de 2014
Three possible solutions:
1. If you have the Statistics Toolbox,
average_x = nanmean(x(:));
2. If you download the nan suite from FEX,
average_x = nanmean(x(:));
3. If you prefer to ignore the NaNs yourself,
average_x = mean(x(isfinite(x(:))));


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