How to plot subset using editfield in app designer

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義典 鈴木
義典 鈴木 on 16 Dec 2021
Answered: Geoff Hayes on 17 Dec 2021
For example, I have a set of L,a,b as below.
L =[10,5,5,7,5,4]
a =[2,3,6,3,6,9]
b =[1,5,6,7,5,4]
I want to use editfield in app designer. If I write L=5 in the editfield, only the data that satisfy the number 5 will be plotted. But, if you have any idea other than editfield, I would like to know your idea. Thank you

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 17 Dec 2021
@義典 鈴木 - if you only have a small set of variables to choose from (i.e. 'L', 'a', and 'b') then consider using a radio button group that instead of typing in a character, the user selects the appropriate radio button.




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