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Replace this bolk unit delay in another way ?

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noble amin
noble amin el 5 de En. de 2022
Comentada: Paul el 5 de En. de 2022
Hi eveyone, I would like to know if possible to replace the unit_delay blok (it is presented in figure below) by another blok which exists in the simulink tool. or another method than this. if yes which one ? Thanks
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 5 de En. de 2022
The blog talks about the different methods that can be used to delay signals: memory blocks, unit delay, and transfer functions. You do not want to use a unit delay block, so that leaves you with memory blocks or transfer functions.
Paul el 5 de En. de 2022
What's wrong with using the unit delay block? Hard to know what might be a potential replacement without knowing the problem you're trying to solve.

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