Count objects found by the neural network

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I'm working with neural networks and I need to quantify how many objects there are in an image through the neural network.
For example:
Want to make a classification that can tell me how many balls there are in this image and show which ones are balls.
net = googlenet;
I = imresize(imread('ball.jpg'), [224 224]);
classify(net, I)
Now I want to know how many balls are in this image.

Accepted Answer

Antoni Woss
Antoni Woss on 1 Feb 2022
A good place to start with detecting objects in images using a neural network is through using an object detector network architecture, such as a "You Only Look Once" (YOLO) network. See the documentation example for training such a network to detect vehicles in an image - If you want to count up the number of vehicles the network has detected, you can count the number of rows of the bboxes variable, i.e. size(bboxes,1).

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