Generating combination of matrix with 3 elements

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I want to optimally generate a 100 matrix, of size MxN using the combination of 3 elements (0,1,2) and save them into seperate mat files. Can someone please help. I dont want to generate the matrix randomly.
Shourya on 16 Feb 2022
@David Hill @Jan I am sorry about that. I want to generate 100 mat files in more optimal way when it comes to the series of 3 elements in a row. I dont want to repeat the rows in a matrix. My matrix size is 64x12. Is there a way I can do it?

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David Hill
David Hill on 16 Feb 2022
Edited: David Hill on 16 Feb 2022
So each row of 12 elements can only contain the elements [0 1 2] ? Are there any other contrains? How many times can each element be repeated in each row? Why don't you want to generate the matrix randomly?
A=[repmat([0 1 2],1,12)];
for m=1:100
for k=1:100
Shourya on 15 Mar 2022
Hello David, I shall do that thank you for the solution!

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