Smoothing contour plot of isotherm

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주희 박
주희 박 on 16 Feb 2022
Commented: DGM on 17 Feb 2022
Hi i have an argo data and I'm trying to make isotherm line. I choose 1999~2004 winter data and interpolation 1m.
And I want to more smooth isotherm line. Additionally, I'm so beginner of matlab. Thank you for considering.
  • And Zi has NaN values, I guess this is cause. Why my zi has NaN......
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AndresVar on 17 Feb 2022
I have question about removing nan from b. The shape of b is 2D right? Otherwise it could have large discontinuity.
Instead of interp1 you could try the Damien Garcia's inpaint (for 2D b):
I am not familiar for why griddata gives you nan, could it be because b is not smooth and has very large noise.

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DGM on 17 Feb 2022
I don't have your data, and your code is a picture, so I can't do anything with it.
That said, it looks like the problem is merely the size of the ZData.
Consider the example:
Z = peaks(10); % a very small array
Z = peaks(100); % a larger array
You should be able to change this resolution by reducing the stepsize when you generate the Xp and Yp vectors.
DGM on 17 Feb 2022
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