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Can't open corrupted figure

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Gechas on 10 Dec 2014
Answered: Jan on 4 Sep 2017
I used GUIDE for creating a figure and I have been using the program some time now and it always worked fine.
Now suddenly I get the following error message when trying to open the figure in GUIDE or trying to run the program:
Error using load
Unable to read MAT-file C:\test1.fig.
File might be corrupt.
Error in (line 36)
hgDataVars = load(filename, '-mat', '-regexp', '^hg[M]');
Error in (line 104)
Error in hgload (line 50)
Error in matlab.hg.internal.openfigLegacy (line 57)
[fig, savedvisible] = hgload(filename, struct('Visible','off'));
Error in gui_mainfcn>local_openfig (line 286)
gui_hFigure = matlab.hg.internal.openfigLegacy(name, singleton, visible);
Error in gui_mainfcn (line 158)
gui_hFigure = local_openfig(gui_State.gui_Name, gui_SingletonOpt, gui_Visible);
Error in VFFinder (line 42)
gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});
All I changed today was adding a toolbar in GUIDE by "tools->toolbar editor". I can't even try if that caused the problem by undoing it because, as I mentioned above, I can't open the figure in GUIDE.
It would be very nice if anyone could help me.
Thank you!


Nicolas Martin
Nicolas Martin on 19 Apr 2016
I currently have the exact same issue. Have you find any solution ?
FaithM on 1 Sep 2017
I am having the same problem with a GUI that I'm updating.

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Answers (1)

Jan on 4 Sep 2017
When you have a corrupted file, there was a problem during the update of the file. Then restore the former version of the FIG file from your backup. E.g. under Windows you have the File History.


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