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Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.

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vetri veeran
vetri veeran el 15 de Dic. de 2014
Editada: Thorsten el 15 de Dic. de 2014
program code:
pad_org=padarray(original_im,[1 1],'both'); figure(3);imshow(pad_org);title('With Zero Padding Original Image at Boundary')
for i=1:size(pad_org,1)-2 for j=1:size(pad_org,2)-2 window=[1 2 1;2 4 2;1 2 1]; %% Matrix to store the value of 3 by 3 window win_inc=1;%%initial value of window matrix for k=1:size(window)/3 for l=1:size(window)/3 window(win_inc)=pad_org(i+k-1,j+l-1); win_inc=win_inc+1; end end mean=(1/9)*sum(window); new_image(i,j)=mean; end end new_image=uint8(new_image); figure(4);imshow(new_image);title('Image After Mean Filtering')
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Adam el 15 de Dic. de 2014
Please use the {} code formatting block so people can read your code more easily.
And please show complete error messages (with line number) and formulate a question rather than just posting code and expecting people to plough through it and work it all out for themselves!

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Thorsten el 15 de Dic. de 2014
Editada: Thorsten el 15 de Dic. de 2014
You can use
Im = blkproc(I, [3 3], 'mean2');


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