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Error in Truetime integration with MPC controller in 'highway lane following model'

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I have found this error when I implemeting highway lane following model with truetime . the error states as "Variable-step model 'HighwayLaneFollowingTestBench' references (via Model block 'HighwayLaneFollowingTestBench/Lane Following Controller') fixed-step model 'LaneFollowingController', which contains blocks with continuous and discrete sample times. Referencing a fixed-step model that contains both discrete and continuous components from a variable-step model is not supported."
Any pathway how to solve this?

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Pratik el 5 de Feb. de 2024
Hi Ashiqur,
As per my understanding, you are implementing highway lane following model with truetime. But there is an error when trying to run the model.
Referencing a fixed-step model with discrete and continuous states from a variable-step model is not supported as stated by the error message. Therefore, this is a limitation of Simulink, and your best workaround option is to set the top-level model to use a fixed-step solver, with the time step equivalent to the smallest step the variable-step solver would have used.
I hope this helps.

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