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How to extract consecutive numbers from array of integer numbers?

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Hi guys,
I have an array of 40000 elements (attached to this question) that contains 20 consecutive groups of integer numbers from 1 to 200:
[1,2,3,4,5,...200,1,2,3,4,5,...200,1...]. Each group contains the indices that identify the points of an orbit, hence I have a database of 200 orbits.
I want to store these orbits in a variable (let's assume variable name is "orbits") so that I can associate to each orbit an integer number, for example to first 200 elements I want to associate the number 1 (orbit1---> 1:200), then to number 2 I want to associate the indices (integer numbers) from 201 to 400, and so on.
So, by following this line of reasoning, the indices of orbit no.9 go from 1801 to 2000.
As final result, by considering the orbit no.9 and by using the struct arrays, I'd like to get something like this:
orbit(1).idx = [1:200]
orbit(2).idx = [1801:2000]
orbit(9).idx = [1801:2000]
Can you help me to code this problem?

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KSSV el 9 de Mayo de 2022
Read about reshape
orbit = reshape(array,[],length(array)/200) ;

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