Accessing data within a structure

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I am using biomechanical data from Vicon. I have used the toolbox btk to get the various parameteres recorded by vicon stored in c3d files into seperate structures. However, I am unsure how to get the data I would like to analyse. For example there is 1x1 structure labelled angle:
Within the structure angles there are various data fields:
How do I access these various fields independantly?
For example how to I get the LKneeAngle from the structure Angles and to be able to plot the third column of data within this data field?
I have tried using getfield but that is not working:
Leftkneeangles = getfield('angles','angles.LKneeAngles');
Thanks for all your help in advance.

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 10 May 2022
iwant = angles.LkneeAngles

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Matt J
Matt J on 10 May 2022

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