Can I speed up the Image Labeler by skipping the thumbnails?

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The imageLabeler app goes through the whole imageDatastore once at startup in order to create thumbnails of the images. This causes the startup to take a long time, especially if the imageDatastore has many files and/or each read operation takes a long time.
Is it possible to skip the thumbnail creation, or have it run some sort of faster preview function for the thumbnail creation?

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Matthew Fall
Matthew Fall on 6 Jul 2022
I was able to do this by using dbstack in my imageDatastore readFcn to check
ismember('HorizontalImageStrip.createThumbnail', {dbstack().name})
This allowed me to check when the Image Labeler was calling my imageDatastore in order to create thumbnails. I then had my readFcn do something different (specifically, I made it return an image of the file name)

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