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Error "Supplied objective function must return a scalar value."

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Hi,I am trying to minimize a function,but shows an error,
Error using fmincon (line 641)
Supplied objective function must return a scalar value.
Error in program23 (line 56)
[a,fv] = fmincon(f,X0,[],[],[],[],[3 3],[8 8])
Can someone explain me why? Please help me to correct this code.
Thanks in advance

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Torsten el 3 de Jun. de 2022
The function you pass to fmincon returns a vector of values, not a scalar.
Maybe you mean
f=@(a) norm(sum(((a(1).*(G(x,:)+m)+a(2).*(G(y,:)+p)+gb*(H(x,:)./(a(1)))+gb*(H(y,:)./(a(2)))))));
or something similar.

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