How to change the format of input .txt files?

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Ivan Mich
Ivan Mich on 8 Jun 2022
Commented: Ivan Mich on 10 Jun 2022
I have a question about a code. I have multiple .txt files with a specific format. Specifically , exh file has 1 header, and 4 columns with 1 tab space between each other (the 4th column has an alphanumeric format, and columns 1-3 are numbers).
I would like to change the given format, which is f7.3 1x f7.3 1x f3.1 1x character to the following
1x f6.3 4x f6.3 4x 3.1 1x character (x is tab (space) and f is float (real) number).
I am attaching an input file as an example...
Could you please help me?

Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Jun 2022
You may have to read the header separately. Then readtable. Then I suggest you use compose() passing in a string() object as the format. Then write the strings to a file, possibly strjoin and fwrite
Ivan Mich
Ivan Mich on 10 Jun 2022
ans =
ans =
ans =
ans =
ans =
I am using 2019a matlab version...

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