Product calculation between two matrixes

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Hey guys, this is probably very easy, but Im having troubles with it, thank you in advance.
I want to calculate a product of two matrixes (surv_matrix) and(X_QPSK).
surv_matrix is a matrix of 47979 x 400.
This is the final calculation I want:
First I want to ask if that code multiplicates first column of surv_matrix with first column of X_QPSK, because thats what I need and not row by row. So I want this two matrixes multiplicated column by column.
But first i need to put X_QPSK in a matrix, because now its a vector of 47979 x 1. So I want to define this vector as a matrix, where all the columns have the same value of this vector. How can I do that? This means I want that X_QPSK is 47949 x 400, where all the 400 columns have the same value of this one column I have.
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Torsten on 8 Jun 2022
X_QPSK = repmat(X_QPSK,1,400);
.* multiplies each element of surv_matrix with each element of conj(X_QPSK).

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