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Miguel Albuquerque
Miguel Albuquerque on 11 Jun 2022
Answered: Matt J on 11 Jun 2022
Hey guys thanks in advance for reading this and helping me.
I have a matrix range_compression(2032 x 400). For each column of that matrix I want to apply a function(freq2time).This function transforms a vector in frequency domain to a vector in time domain.
I want that after the apllication of the function for each column of range_compression, it saves the variable range_compressed, column by column in another matrix. And for each time_compression variable, multiply by speed of light and save in another matrix.
How can I do this, thank you. This is the code I have, but im having difficulties on doing the rest
for i=1:mr

Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 11 Jun 2022
for i=1:mr

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